Capabilities and Services

Includes the following steps :

 EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)
 MC (Management Contracting)
 Consulting services and supervision

 EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)

EPC the stand for the words Engineering & Procurement & Construction refers to services in which the contractor covers all activities from design to the purchase of all required items, installation, commissioning, pre-commissioning. Meanwhile, the employer, by facilitating his work and delegating all the work to the contractor, effectively plays the role of managerial and supervisory responsibility of the project, which in some cases is also assigned to other companies in the form of consultancy engineering services and project management services.

Consulting and supervision services

  •  Project planning and control
  •  Supervision over engineering design
  •  Site supervision
  •  Supervision

MC (Management Contracting) 

The technological complexity, the diversity of expertise needed, the inadequacy of designs, the huge volume of activities, as well as the large number of organizations and individuals involved in the project, are all issues that often prevent project implementers from pursuing large and complex projects from achieving project goals leading to the lack of completion and launch plans on time. The dilemmas of these issues will be greater when the project implementer takes responsibility for managing and coordinating the project. In introducing new methods of implementation and management of large projects, firstly, there is a need for greater coherence and integration between the design and construction stages, and secondly, the management tasks of the technical design and construction tasks are independent. The management contracting method is one of these methods, which is often used in large industrial designs. In this way, the contractor or the project manager has been appointed as a member of the employer's team to agree on a fee and to carry out management services in the project, free from the contracting trends.

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